Assyrian Church of the East Registered in France, Paving the Way for New Beginnings

Paris, 2 January 2024

In a significant move, the Assyrian Church of the East has been officially registered in France. This significant milestone opens new doors for the Assyrian community in France, allowing the church to better serve and work for its members.

The Assyrian Church of the East has a strong presence in France, with a primary parish in Marseille, the Mar Yosip Khnanisho’s Parish, home to over 150 Assyrian families. Additionally, there are more than 50 families in Paris, reflecting the vibrant and diverse Assyrian diaspora in the country. Other communities, scattered in various parts like Toulouse and Lyon, contribute to the Assyrian community’s presence in France.

In December of 2023, the first Holy Raza was celebrated in Paris, marking the initiation of a new mission established by His Grace Mar AwrahamYoukhanis, Bishop of London and Western Europe. The communities in France are nurtured by the efforts of Rev Chorbishop Stapanoos Yalda, who plays an essentialrole in fostering spiritual growth and community engagement.

His Grace Mar Awraham Youkhanis expresses his gratitude and offers prayers for the Assyrian communities in France. Thanks be to God for this crucial step in legal recognition, providing the church with enhanced capabilities to serve and work for the Assyrian Church of the East and the Assyrian community at large.

The migration of Assyrians to Marseille can be traced back to various periods in history, but a significant wave occurred during and after World War I and the Assyrian genocide in the early 20th century. Many Assyrians fled their homeland in the aftermath of these events, seeking refuge in different parts of the world, including Marseille.Additionally, following the more recent conflict with ISIS in Iraq, there was a notable increase in the Assyrian diaspora population in Marseille and other cities.

Acknowledging the collective effort that made this achievement possible, His Grace Mar AwrahamYoukhanis expresses his gratitude to the board of directors and all volunteers who dedicated their time and resources to ensure the successful registration of the Assyrian Church of the East in France.

This milestone not only represents legal recognition but also symbolises a new chapter for the Assyrian community in France, fostering spirituality and a stronger sense of identity in France.

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