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Terms of publication, in the website of the Assyrian Church of the East

  1. The news should be related to the Assyrian Church of the East and its institutions.
  2. The item must be sent exclusively to the news site and should not have been published previously in any other website.
  3. The site publishes news and reports that are suitable for publication, for the glory of the Assyrian Church of the East before the world.
  4. News items will be published on the following day after ensuring its intellectual and religious relevance.
  5. News items must be written in a proficient language.
  6. Every diocese shall appoint a person responsible for sending unpublished and with high quality news, reports and photographs. It’s preferable to send a monthly report for each diocese.
  7. News of the Holy Masses, weekly sermons or hymns will not be published, as they are the duties of the clergy, and news items, except for the holy feasts and the main events of the calendar of the Assyrian Church of the East, conducted by His Holiness the Patriarch and Their Graces bishops and Beatitudes Archbishops of the church.
  8. This site is intended for news only, not financial aid appeals nor immigration matters.
  9. We will not publish on the website the following items:
    1. News or audio or visual interviews, which denote hostility, incitement, discrimination and disrespect to other churches or challenge their faith.
    2. Pure political news.
    3. Anything that affects the rights of women and children.
    4. Advertising, promotional activities and promotional materials, especially commercial or recreational trips or competition promotions.
  10. The website will reserve the rights to publish the news on its social media sites.

Technically, the Assyrian Church of the East website invites publishers to:

  1. Choose short titles for news and send high quality photos.
  2. The site is not obliged to publish news that contains many errors.
  3. The site shall be free to modify the news in terms of language and content in accordance with the intellectual and theological believes of the Assyrian Church of the East.
  4. The reporter shall bear all legal responsibility relating to the news and publication of the photographs of individuals, especially women and children, including violation of their privacy, without their knowledge, who have not agreed to publish their photographs on the site.
  5. The news sent to the site will become the intellectual property rights of the site after publication, and any other site may not republish or quote the news without the official consent of the site or the clear reference to the source.
  6. The site reserves the right to change its publishing conditions from time to time. Publishers must review the terms of publication updates.
  7. In case of violation of the above-mentioned conditions, the Assyrian Church of the East website reserves the right to refuse publishing any materials that conflicts with it, without notifying or replying by e-mail.

God bless