St. Peter’s Parish in Glendale, Arizona has rejoiced in a visit from Reverend Genard Lazar, from the Diocese of California, during a week of shared teachings with local youth and parishioners.

Rev. Genard Spreads Word to Arizona Youth

St. Peter’s Parish in Glendale, Arizona has rejoiced in a visit from Reverend Genard Lazar, from the Diocese of California, during a week of shared teachings with local youth and parishioners of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

“A long awaited visit was finally paid, and has unfortunately come to an end. Nonetheless, many lessons were learned, many people were met, and many hearts were touched,” a member of St Peter’s Parish told

The visit officially began with Rev. Genard taking part in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist (Raza D’Qurabana Qadisha) on 4 March, the ‘Friday of the Deceased’. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by His Grace Mar Aprim Khamis, Bishop of the Diocese of Western USA, who also commemorated the 38th anniversary of his consecration as a bishop.

Later that evening, St. Peter’s Parish youth eagerly awaited Rev. Genard; they yearned for his direct and heart-wrenching preaching during the youth bible study.

Having heard about Rev. Genard’s previous preaching sessions at youth conferences and being followers of his Christian TV program on AssyriaSat, over 70 youth attended to experience an unforgettable session.

Mr. David Kando, president of St Peter’s Parish Youth Association, welcomed and presented Rev. Genard, who originally hails from Sydney, Australia.

Following the sermon, the youth were happy to share their admiration and gratitude for a heartfelt session, with many agreeing that Rev. Genard made an impact by relating to the everyday lives of the youth. Additionally, a number of youth members attended a social outing with Rev. Genard where he enjoyed establishing relationships with the youth and replied to various questions and queries.

On the first Sunday of Lent, 6 March, Rev. Genard celebrated the Holy Eucharist at St. Peter’s Parish, where he presented an effective sermon on fasting, forgiveness and our role as Christians.

During fellowship, the faithful expressed their utmost spiritual satisfaction in the television program presented every Thursday evening at 8:00pm.

Continuing his educational visit, Rev. Genard presented an evening preaching session, which was attended by up to 200 faithful.

The parish priest, Rev. Kando Kando, along with the deacons also took part in this session, during which Rev. Genard presented his sermon on 2 Peter 1:5-9: “Adding to our faith.” Many of the attendees commented on the sermon, explaining they were touched in a special way according to God’s perfect plan.

Rev. Genard’s week-long visit included visits with family, as well as people that had requested for him to pray in their homes and partake in the Holy Mass. Most importantly, his effective preaching provided guidance and answered many questions had by the youth.

St. Peter’s Parish Youth Association, Arizona, extended their sincere gratitude to His Grace Bishop Mar Aprim Khamis, His Grace Mar Awa Royel, Bishop of California, Archdeacon Frederick Hermiz and Rev. Kando Kando, for making Rev. Genard’s visit possible, through God’s gracious love and mercy.

For more information on viewing Rev. Genard’s AssyriaSat television program on Thursdays at 8:00pm, please visit:

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