ACERO Reaches Assyrians Affected By Syrian Humanitarian Disaster

His Grace Mar Afram Athneil, Bishop of Syria and Chairman of the Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation (ACERO) has expressed his appreciation to faithful of the Assyrian Church of the East internationally who have extended their financial support in aid of the organisation’s provision of humanitarian assistance during the current conflict in Syria.

In a letter dated 31 January 2013, His Grace has noted that ‘the security and living situation are very crucial and difficult and worsening day by day. There is difficulty finding most of the essential materials such as bread, gas, and medicine and the prices have gone up almost five times’.

At the same time, His Grace has described in detail the deteriorating security situation noting that, ‘People are afraid to leave their homes, especially after sunset. Most of the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals [have] closed and a large number of doctors have fled the country from fear of abduction’.

ACERO is providing direct assistance to those affected by the crisis. This includes food assistance, financial support for families, financial and medical support for cancer patients, funding medical operations in conjunction with the United Nations as well as funeral assistance.

This financial and material aid has also extended to those who have fled Syria and are currently in Lebanon and Iraq where food aid and housing aid respectively have been provided. In the preceding weeks for example 350 aid packages (including blankets and food) have been distributed to Assyrians from Syria who have fled to Lebanon.

Referring to the situation as ‘truly a humanitarian disaster’, the Bishop of Syria has issued an urgent call to faithful of the Assyrian Church of the East and all compassionate individuals worldwide to support ACERO’s campaign to provide urgently needed aid to Assyrians affected by the crisis in Syria.

Donations can be made simply and securely through ACERO’s website using PayPal at the following link:

Receipts will be issued by ACERO via e-mail.

Alternatively donations can be made through all Assyrian Church of the East parishes worldwide with a note that the funds should go to the ACERO Syrian relief campaign.

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