Five Clerical Ordinations in Australia

His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia AM, Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon has elevated three priests to higher holy orders and ordained two priests for the Archdiocese.

On Sunday 26th March His Beatitude elevated Rev’d Fr Korkis Toma to the ranking of Cor-bishop at St Abdisho’s Church in Melbourne. Rev’d Fr Korkis is the priest of the latter parish.

On Sunday 2nd April His Beatitude elevated Rev’d Father Ninos Elya and Rev’d Father Narsai Youkhanis to the ranking of Archdeacon and Cor-bishop, respectively at St Hurmizd’s Cathedral.

The Rev’d Archdeacon Ninos Elya, formerly  parish priest of Saints Peter and Paul Church and chaplain of the Assyrian Schools is to be consecrated to the episcopate on 16th July in Melbourne for the newly formed Diocese of Victoria and New Zealand.

Rev’d Cor-bishop Narsai Youkhanis is the secretary to the Metropolitan and chaplain for the youth and children’s associations and will now take up responsibility for international youth ministry for the Assyrian Church of the East.

On the same day, Deacon Sami Reverend Shamuel was ordained to the ranking of priesthood and will assume the name Rev’d Father Shamuel Shamuel and a role as chaplain at St Narsai Assyrian Christian College and the responsible clergy member for the Christian education in the Archdiocese.

Also, Deacon Neil Makko was ordained to the ranking of priesthood and will take on the role of parish priest at Saints Peter and Paul Church and chaplain at St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School.

This ordination took place in the presence of Cor-bishop Ashoor Lazar, Cor-bishop Korkis Toma, Rev’d Fr Younan Dawood, Rev’d Fr Benyamin Shlimon and Rev’d Fr Yousif Jazrawi.

At the conclusion of the ordination, His Beatitude consecrated the Holy Qurbana celebrating the 6th Sunday of the Great Lent.

Afterwards, the clergy and congregation entered Edessa Hall for a celebratory breakfast.


– Rev’d Fr Ninos Elya, Archdeacon

Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1985, ordained a deacon in 2002 and ordained a priest in 2013 by His Beatitude.

Obtained a Bachelor of Theology from ACU in 2013 and a Master of Theology from ACU in 2015. Currently he is undertaking doctoral studies. He was elected to be consecrated as Bishop of Victoria and New Zealand by the Holy Synod.

– Rev’d Fr Narsai Youkhanis, Cor-bishop

Born in Basrah, Iraq in 1989, arrived to Australia in 1995. He was ordained a deacon in 2007 and a priest in 2010 by His Beatitude.

He received a Bachelor in Architecture from UNSW in 2010 and a Master in Early Syriac Studies from Macquarie University in 2012. He is expected to finish his PhD in August 2017. He was elected by the Holy Synod to take on international youth ministry for the Church.

– Rev’d Fr Shamuel Shamuel

Born in Habbaniya, Iraq in 1969, arrived to Australia 2006. He was ordained a deacon 2007 by His Beatitude. He obtained a Bachelor of Mathematics from Almustansiriya University and a Master degree in 2002 from the same university. He commenced his PhD in 2003. He taught mathematics at different institutions in Iraq, and continued his teaching career in Australia at St Narsai Assyrian Christian College from 2011. He completed his theological studies in Baghdad in 1998. He currently manages the Assyrian Church News and the Beth Kokheh Magazine. He is married and blessed with three children.

– Rev’d Fr Neil Makko

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1979 and holds a Diploma of Logistics. He was a very active deacon in the Ss Peter and Paul Parish and all their ministries. He is married and been blessed with one child.

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