July 5th 2015 marked the conclusion of the 28th annual Assyrian Church of the East Youth Association conference. During the conference, students spent most of the day in workshops led by different members of clergy, and were encouraged to fellowship with other students from different parishes. During this time, elected presidents from those parishes meet with His Grace Mar Awa Royel and parish priests to discuss ways to connect with students in a more effective way in spreading the good news of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. At the conclusion of our final meeting, His Grace Mar Awa suggested that the presidents from all participating parishes would meet in September to discuss those specific topics in more detail.

September 4th marked the first day of our meeting, where His Grace along with Rev. Father Genard and Rev. Father Lawrence spent two days working diligently with the elected youth presidents in reformatting the Assyrian Church of the Easts’ final Constitution draft, conference agendas/activities, and Bible Studies that take place every week at all parishes. It was with incredible satisfaction that at the conclusion of our meeting, certain motions were put to pass that God willing will propel future plans for our youth in a direction that will not only promote a stronger fellowship between all parishes, but will allow for the annual conference to be one to remember for years to come. We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to keep the Assyrian Church of the East and their youth in a love-filled relationship with Him, and encourage us to continue being fishers of men.

The meeting concluded on September 5th, and the interim National Executive Council (NEC) was appointed in order to begin the new mandate of the Youth Association. The NEC will be meeting in the early part of November in order to finalize the Constitution for the US dioceses and to begin work on revamping the National Youth Conference, which this year will be hosted by Mar Yosip Parish, San Jose, in the month of July.

In appreciation and thanksgiving to our gracious Lord God, the youth leaders were led by His Grace in Vespers at the Mar Yosip Church.

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