As usual the School of Edessa out done themselves, where a lecture was held regarding media and Assyrian press at St George’s Parish in Damascus.

School of Edessa Presents History of Assyrian Media

The publication of the first Assyrian newspaper has been documented in a media lecture organized by the School of Edessa in Northern Iraq.

The lecture, held on the 24th of October 2010, honored the founding of the famous Zahrira-d-Bahra (Ray of Light), which started publication in 1849 with the help of the American Presbyterian Mission in Urmia.

The history presentation, held at St George’s Parish in Damascus, explained the importance of media in general and spoke on the influence and role of Zahriria-d-Bahra on Assyrian society.

Research shows Zahrira-d-Bahra paved the way for the launch of four more denominational newspapers from the mid 19th century until the eve of WWI, keeping the Assyrian community aware of world events, political developments and local news.

Media Committee
St George’s Parish – Damascus

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