On the 8th of October 2010, the church faithful in Syria organised a informative and inspirational outing to the different monasteries and churches of their region.

St George’s Parish Visits Syrian Monasteries, Damascus

School of Edessa Students Pray for Peace

Students of the School of Edessa in Damascus, Syria have prayed for peace for their homeland Iraq while taking part in an inspirational visit of historical monasteries and churches in their region. About 150 members of the school, run by St George’s Parish of the Assyrian Church of the East’s Diocese of Syria, attended the educational outing on the 8th of October. The tour included visits to St Jacob’s Monastery, St Mary’s Cathedral, St Musa Monastery and the 13th Century St George’s Church in the mountainous Valley of the Christians.

St George’s Parish Priest, Reverend Thomas, led the congregation, stopping at each center to worship the Lord God and lift up praise and glory for His unlimited grace and love towards the faithful. Students specifically prayed for peace and joy in Iraq, the country from where most of the parish’s refugee members originate. Having escaped war and poverty, the church members await the doors of various countries to open for residential acceptance.

‘We give thanks to His Grace Mar Aprim Nathaniel, Bishop of Syria, for his guidance and spiritual protection throughout the years and for the encouragement of such activities to take place,” said Rev. Thomas.

“Also, we would like to thank the Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organization (ACERO), the church charity fund that meets our daily needs and completes our spiritual desires at all times. May peace and love be poured to all our households and families at all times and forever, Amen.”

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