Assyrian Delegation Meets With Arizona Congressman

An Assyrian delegation has met with representative Ben Quayle at the congressman’s Arizona office.

The meeting, on 10 January, included His Grace Mar Aprim Khamis, Bishop of the Western Diocese of the United States; Rev. Biniamin Korkis of the St. George Ancient Church of the East; President of the Organization for National Existence (O.N.E.), Steven Isaac, and his Vice President Mike Darmo.

The topics of the meeting included national rights in the new Iraq and the current efforts to create a province in the Nineveh plains. His Grace introduced the Assyrian plight and the ongoing religious persecution on the hands of radical extremists in Iraq since 2003.

His Grace also presented the details of his trip to the Middle East where he attended an international conference on the topic of the Middle Eastern Christians.

Congressman Ben Quayle expressed his sympathy and admiration for the Assyrian plight and his support for their right to exist and worship freely in their ancestral homeland.

Rev. Biniamin discussed the current unstable living conditions of the Assyrian refugees, and their struggle to survive in the current economical recession facing the U.S.

Steven Isaac discussed the importance of the congressional support and the tremendous impact it reflects on the International arena. He also relayed the current efforts of the coalition of our political organizations in Iraq regarding the creation of a province in the Nineveh plains.

Mike Darmo spoke about the issue of the economical development of the Nineveh plains and the strong role it plays in the future aspirations of the Iraqi Assyrians.

Congressman Quayle emphasized on the importance behind completing the U.S mission in Iraq. In his reply, the Congressman said: “I support your cause and your aspirations which aligns with my beliefs and principles and I look forward to upcoming resolutions in support of the Assyrians in Iraq.”

At the end of the meeting, both His Grace and Rev. Biniamin invited Congressman Quayle to speak directly to the Assyrian community in local churches.

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