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School of Edessa Entertains

The School of Edessa at St George Parish, Damascus, has entertained parishioners with a comical drama entitled Real Madrid Verses Barcelona. The social event, held on 18 September, was organized as a method of lifting the spirits of temporary Assyrian residents who have left their homeland Iraq. The audience responded well to the theatre, filling the banquet hall full of joy and laughter. The event was a strong reminder that even though faithful of the Assyrian Church of the East in Damascus have left their families, friends, jobs, schools and entire lives, they still have their faith as well as a sense of humor. Rev. Toma Asitivo was present as the event’s guest of honour along with many deacons and committee members of the parish. Thanksgiving was offered to the Assyrian Church of the East’s Relief Organization (ACERO) for its continued financial support. [nggallery id=266]

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New Assyrian School in Qamishly

ACERO (Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation) was proud to announce the rebuilding project of the Fares Al-Koori Assyrian private Primary School in the city of Qamishly. The School is recognized by the Syrian Ministry of Education. The current School was deemed unsuitable due to its size and structure. It was built out of mud and wood pillars and could not cater for the growing number of students. Plans were developed to build a new 400 student capacity School. The School will house Assyrian students from the surrounding local areas. The School is expected to be completed in time for the Syrian summer. Bishop Afram Athneil stated “I pray the Lord’s blessings upon you and all those who find it in their hearts to share with their fellow Assyrians the many graces with which the Lord has richly blessed them.” May the Lord bless those who have made this project possible. May He also bless the Teachers and Students who continue with our language. [nggallery id=45]

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