Friday of the Deceased Service Offered in Chicago

The faithful congregation at St. George Cathedral in Chicago gathered on Friday 17 February to commemorate both the Friday of the Deceased and two years since the passing of the Late His Beatitude Mar Narsai DeBaz.

The Holy Eucharist was offered by His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, accompanied by Rev. Archdeacon Shlimon Khazqiel, Archdeacon Qardagh Hakim, Chor-Bishop Rev. Gewargis Toma, Chor-Bishop Rev. Polos Benyamin, Rev. Khoshaba Poza, Rev. Antwan Lachin, Rev. William Toma and many deacons and other clergyman.

His Holiness presented a sermon filled with the message of love. Preaching for the sons and daughters of the church to obey God’s commandments and be obedient to His laws, His Holiness further stated that all this is done while we are alive for there is no repentance after death.

His Holiness spoke of the two year commemoration of the passing of the Late His Beatitude Mar Narsai Debaz and the life that he lived, donating his youth and old age to serve the Lord, His church and its faithful.

At the conclusion of the service, His Holiness, the other clergymen and parishioners visited the graveyards where the Late His Beatitude rests. They offered prayers to the Lord and placed flowers in honor and respect of the Late His Beatitude.

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