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Eastern USA

H.G. Mar Paulus Benjamin Consecrates Eucharistic Liturgy for Elderly Faithful in Chicago

His Grace Mar Paulus Benjamin, Bishop of Chicago and Eastern USA consecrated the Eucharistic Liturgy on Tuesday March 26, 2013 at Peterson Park Health Care Center in Chicago where many Assyrian faithful are currently residing. His Grace was assisted by the Rev’d Archdeacon William Toma and Deacon Dadway Daniel.

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Iraqi Kurdistan Minister Johnson Siyawesh Calls On H.G. Mar Paulus Benjamin in Chicago

On Thursday, March 14, 2013, His Grace Mar Paulus Benjamin, the bishop of Chicago and the Diocese of the Eastern USA, accompanied by the priests of diocese in the state of Illinois, received Mr. Johnson Siyawesh, the Minister of Transportation and Communication in the Kurdistan Regional Government, at St. Andrew’s Church in Glenview.

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H. G. Mar Paulus Benjamin Attends Washington, D.C. Religious Minorities Exhibit

In light of all the recent challenges religious minorities face throughout the Middle East, on July 19, 2012, the Congress of the United States, Washington DC introduced a resolution (H. RES. 732) that calls for the protection of the rights and freedoms of religious minorities in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt and Iraq. In addition, the new resolution encourages the newly elected Egyptian President and Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to ensure that the Constituent’s Assembly will draft a new constitution that is representative of all parts of Egyptian society, including the religious minorities. Also, the resolution calls upon the local and federal governments of Iraq to prosecute acts of violence against Assyrians and other minorities, and make the protection of ancient ethno-religious minorities in Iraq an urgent priority.

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